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Howdy, everyone!

My name is Casino Nino. Some have called me a rhino in the past, but I’m nothing of the sort. I’ve looked in the mirror, but I don’t think I even look like a rhino, to be honest. I’m something a lot more sophisticated, a lot more cool than your ordinary animal. Instead, I am purple and pink and get my energy from playing at online casinos! Yes, you read it correctly! I don’t eat or drink, I just play at online casinos to keep myself going. It does sound silly, I know, but that’s just how it is! I’m the last of my kind, too!

This domain is where I rule. Also, I have made this site to spread all my casino knowledge. As I said, playing at casinos is what keeps me alive, so I have a lot of experience in doing what I do. In fact, I think I’ve been alive for almost 3000 years! During this time I’ve seen my fair share of casino games, new and old! Thus, I am absolutely and positively certain that I can give you some pointers and make you up your game. With this casino stuff, you have to know stuff to win stuff, after all!

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What is an online casino?

What a silly little question! Then again, it was me and me alone who wrote that there! I guess it’s called a subtitle or something like. So this is the place where I go through what makes an online casino an online casino.

Online casinos are basically casinos where you don’t have to really enter. You don’t have to register at the door, which, for me, is very much a relief! Also, you don’t have to have your photos taken or anything like that. You can just waltz into an online casino virtually. Still, you do have to register your details to gain access. After this, you’re good to go and can deposit money. There are different online casinos out there focusing on different services for you as a customer. For example, there are casinos out the with quick deposits, huge bonuses or free spins. Some focus on being the best casino with quick payouts

Some of the more popular ways of depositing money are by using e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill or credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. Learn more about swedish swish here. After you’ve made your deposit, you’re off to the races and let loose! Then you can start choosing your online casino games from for example NetEnt Casino,  and playing to your heart’s (or hearts’, depending on if it’s you or me––I have 7 hearts!) content!

What are these so-called casino bonuses?

You might have heard the rumblings already. There’s something called casino bonuses there that make your casino experience all the more exciting. What this means is that most casinos out there are ready to risk life an limb just to have you as their new customer. It’s crazy, really, but you do have to remember that it’s give and take. Specifically, there is a lot to gain for online casinos as well. If they make you feel good about them, you will become their customer and supply them with your money for weeks and months to come. Of course, every now and then you might end up winning, but it’s not guaranteed. What this means is that most players will end up losing, but those who don’t are basically taking away the others’ lost money. So, you do have a nice chance of winning, but an online casino still needs their customers who don’t have as much luck!

The best casino bonuses go a long way in tipping the odds close to the player’s court, so you should really remember take advantage of them when they’re presented to you. This will be lesson number one in your online casino journey! Many more will follow on this very site!

To win, you need to know what you’re doing. And that’s where I come in. – Casino Nino