How to Play Newmarket

How to play newmarket

In the Newmarket game of cards, players are supposed to dispose of all cards at hand by releasing them in ascending order. It can be a bit challenging since some cards will go unused. Players put and place bets in the Newmarket game. The main objective is to win as much as they can. This game requires two packs of cards and 3 to 8 players. Scroll down to learn how to play Newmarket.

To set up the game, remove pay cards; A of Hearts, J of Spades, K of Clubs, and Q of Diamonds from deck two and lay them face up. Place 2 chips on every pay card if you are the dealer, before the deal. Other players put one chip on every card. Jumble and deal out the cards in pack 1, each at a time to every player and in a spare hand until you exhaust.

  • Some players might get more cards than others
  • Leave the dummy hand face down & place to the side

How to Play Newmarket Game – First Round

If you are on the left of the dealer, start the game by playing the least (lowest) card in any suit. Put the card face up on the table right in front of you. If you have the same suit, second highest card, you should place it up regardless of your position on the table. Continue in this manner until an Ace appears or until there is no more highest same suit card.

How to Play Newmarket – Next Round

If the last card played on the game is not an Ace, it is called the stop card. If you are the last player in the first round, you can start the new round with a card. Play any lowest card in any suit. Play in this way until the cards are gone. Take all chips on the boodle card in case you play any card that pairs one of the boodle cards on the table.

The Newmarket Game Winner

The round ends when one player exhausts all of his or her cards. Each of the remaining players pays one chip to this player for every card in their hands. Any remaining chips on boodle cards are passed on to the next round. End the game after a predetermined series of rounds or when the first player runs out of chips. The player with the most chips at the end of the game wins.

How to Master Newmarket

A sure way to spice up a Newmarket poker game is to keep from playing for pennies. Some players will give the dealer a chance to exchange their hands with the spare. The opportunity is passed over to the next player if they refuse. Some set a competitive sale for the spare. Others declare that they need a change in the suit and not color. Newmarket can be quite amusing if you incorporate more of these variables.

Summary – Newmarket Variations

One variant of Newmarket requires the player to pay an additional penalty if caught holding pay cards at the end of the game. Another version of the game incorporates a fifth pay card, often the series 9-10-Jack. Any player playing two of these cards consequently takes up their boodle chips. You are free to use Ace-Jack-King-Queen of different suits for pay cards. However, if you use the 9-10-Jack pattern boodle, it should be a similar suit to the Ace.