Safe, Quick, and Easy Payout Methods for Canadians

Gambling online has to be one of the most convenient ways to enjoy a great game and win some extra cash. To make things even more convenient is that online casinos offer a ton of banking options for you to use to check out and get your money fast.

For Canadians, many are still figuring which payments are the fastest, safest, and most convenient to use. Just over 10 years ago Canadian based players could not participate in online gambling because it was illegal. Since then Canadian based online casinos have slowly begun popping up in different provinces and the Canadian gambling regulator has its players’ safety precautions as a top priority when it comes to reliable banking. Here are a few methods that are the best options when you run out of free spins to use or free bonuses when you are playing from Canada.

Credit and Debit Cards

The most common payment method amongst Canadian players has to be the debit/credit card option. This is the number one method that people use amongst their regular daily transactions so it’s far easier to use the same payment to use at the online casino. MasterCard is one of the top credit/debit card brands that is one of the most reliable with a great reputation when it comes to security. If you live anywhere in Canada you are sure to find a ton of banks and if you use it as a debit card, MasterCard is widely accepted. Similar to MasterCard, Visa can be used as a debit/credit card that is another one of the most popular payment methods used in Canada. With a Visa however you will have to do a few precautionary tasks before you can use it on an online casino. With a Visa, it is fairly easy to go over your limit as they do not put a cap on how much you can deposit.


Cryptocurrency has become a popular, new innovative way to use money all over the internet. When gambling in an online casino it’s the fastest and the safest. Online casinos in Canada have been accepting cryptocurrency rapidly within the past few years. When doing bank transactions with Bitcoin at online casinos your deposit and withdrawal transactions are almost instant. Some other advantages of Canadian players using Bitcoin at online casinos are there are never any fees or extra charges when making a transaction, they have unique bonuses. The most important advantage is the extra security. Since Bitcoin requires a unique code during a transaction, hackers will have no opportunity to disappear.


Another fast payment that Canadian players can use safely while playing in online casinos. The greatest thing about ecoPayz which is that is the fastest method. It is also a very discreet payment system so players can feel safe. Just about every Canadian based online casino has the option for ecoPayz because it’s absolutely painless mainly because this banking method is made specifically for online casinos. You put exactly how much you want to spend in the casino in your ecoPayz account so you won’t be tempted to overspend. No credit check is required to open one. It is even more convenient because it can be used during mobile play as well.


As an alternative to e-wallets, the digital version of checks is another popular way to make safe deposits into a casino directly from your checking account. Gamblers feel safe using this form a payment because you don’t have to worry about another individual seeing your account information like a paper check. Just like all of the digital methods mentioned above the eCheck is a fast option to do transactions within the casino. Unlike with a debit or credit card, you don’t have to wait on bank approval before you make a transaction. Fees for using eChecks can be as low as 10 cents for each transaction. The most important thing to be cautious of is overspending because just like a paper check an eCheck an overdraft. As long as you monitor your spending it is a safe method to use at any online casino in Canada.