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Okay, that might have been the weirdest hello what I’ve said in quite some time. Still, it just goes to show that I am not your ordinary rhino. I’m getting all these emails, and PMs asking me whether I am a rhino after all, but I am telling you I’m not! Or have you seen a rhino who’s so well-versed in all things casino? There you go! Casino Nino 1, doubters 0!

Oh, but today I am going to give you a speech about casino bonuses. I will be talking about what casino bonuses are good and how you can tell the best from the rest. It is no simple feat, so I advise you to listen (or read) carefully to what I have to say (or write). Actually, you should know that my hands are not very good at writing these things, so I have hired a manager who does all of my writing for me. I just tell him what she should write and she writes everything that I want and nothing else. (I need a raise!)

casino bonus

When playing at online casinos, however, I use this special apparatus as I do not want anyone there disturbing my private time. Playing games is just too delicious to share with anyone—I prefer to have all of the gaming cake to myself!

What makes a good casino bonus

I am just going to assume that you know what casino bonuses are. If you don’t, I cannot really help you. I want to get to the nitty-gritty and skip all the boring parts of explaining how a wheel works. It’s just too obvious.

Great free spins offers

When we talk about free spins, the best free spins offer would be the kind that gives you free spins that are free from any and all wagering requirements. Granted, not a lot of casinos are giving you these, but that is just because the casinos are actually taking a real risk with these kinds of spins. There are also free spins offers that give you hundreds and hundreds of free spins, but these spins are subject to huge wagering requirements and are only at 10p stake. Even if you hit the jackpot with this stake, you wouldn’t have that many pounds in your pockets. Instead, you would probably feel a bit frustrated—in a very ironic way—when hitting a jackpot with a small stake. Of course, if you normally use small stakes, then it does not really matter.

Some of the more annoying free spins offers are giving you hundreds of spins, but you can only have, say, 10 per day. This way, the casino will kind of force you to come to their site again and again to just use your 10 spins that probably aren’t going to win you anything thanks to those pesky wagering requirements. What a bummer.

Great deposit bonus offers

Unlike free spins offers, deposit bonuses (or free bonus money) never come without a wagering requirement—except for maybe some free bingo money that you can sometimes get at some bingo-oriented casinos. These are probably your best free bonus money bonuses.

Even with regular bonus money offers, you should always pay attention to the wagering requirements instead of just big numbers. Typically, a 100% bonus up to £100 will be better than your average 400% bonus up to £1,200. As weird as it sounds. Surely, the second bonus will let you play a lot longer if that is what you desire, but the first one is bound to have a smaller wagering requirement, making it easier for you to actually win some money for you efforts!

Well, talk to you later! I think I’m heading off bonus hunting now!