Free Spins

Ah, hi!

I didn’t notice that you just arrived. I was playing at an online casino, as per usual. That is kind of my thing. I play at online casinos to keep myself alive and well. Did I not mention that I get all my energy from casino games instead of food and beverages? It is pretty weird, I’ve been told, but I have been like this my whole life, so it’s no news to me. Casinos are all that I have ever known.


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The reason that I did not notice you at first was that I was so invested in some free spins that I just got. It just feels so good when a casino gives you free spins to use. Sometimes it feels like they are disappearing, though, as many casinos seem to prefer deposit bonuses nowadays. This is due to the fact that deposit bonuses are better cash-grabs for the casino. Deposit bonuses reward you with a bonus percentage based on how many pounds you are willing to sacrifice at the altar of online gaming. Free spins, on the other hand, are dispensed evenly no matter how many quid you are spending. One might even say that with free spins offers, it is wiser to deposit less so that you are kind of getting a better bargain for your money.

Oftentimes, though, casinos will be giving you a free spins offer and a deposit bonus at the same time, which makes it harder to try to trick the casino into giving you a good deal as you would still be losing out on the deposit bonus fun.

Well, any way, here I am just ranting about stuff. I guess I should add in a few subtitles here to make this thing more fun to read… Where to begin, though…

free spins

Can I win money with free spins?

Thankfully, you can. Free spins are great in that regard. You are basically getting spins for free, but they still count as your average spins. Well, they sort of do, at least.

The difference between free spins in a free spins offer and your regular spins at any given slot is that these so-called free spins come with a wagering requirement. For deposit bonuses, the concept is kind of clear: each bonus pound must be wagered a set number of times. With free spins, however, things are a bit different.

The free spins wagering requirement means that you have to rollover the wins you get from your free spins. This means that if you get, say, 100 free spins and are succesful in winning 50 pounds with them, you need to wager those 50 pounds when everything is said and done. If the wagering requirement is, say, 35x, you will need to wager 50 x 35 = 1,750 pounds’ worth.

To keep the wagering requirements low, you are actually kind of hoping to not win too much when playing with your free spins. Instead, you are hoping that you win a little, which in turn leads to low requirements. Say you win 5 pounds, you will only get wagering requirements of 175 pounds. Then, when filling the wagering requirements, you can win all the money that you want and it will only help you in completing the wagering requirements. It is kind of a weird, complex and plain stupid system, because the more you win with your initial spins, the harder time you’re going to have. Thus, it requires quite a bit of luck in order for all things to fall into place perfectly.

Well, I think my time is up here. I have some pretty high wagering requirements to take care of, so talk to you later!